Teens / Masmidim

Run by Rabbi Avi Frank and Mrs. Tziri Frank, our programs deliver a fun, educational, and stimulating experience for children of all ages.

Just for Teens

Teens and young adults need just as much inspiration as adults. That’s why we have created a special program utilizing our cadre of presenters, who cater to the specific questions of both boys and girls. The program includes exclusive classes, interactive events, and thought-provoking workshops just for this age group, in an environment that is open and comfortable.

Directed by Rabbi Avi Frank, our Teen Division promises to keep young people engaged, entertained, and inspired.

Masmidim Program

Boys ages 6 to 18 are invited to join our dedicated Rebbe for structured daily learning in the warm, buzzing Beis Medrash. The program culminates in a festive siyum at the end of Yom Tov, showcasing the boys’ accomplishments.