Unrivaled Culinary Adventures

We’re not only about fresh, made-to-order cuisine, we’re about exemplary service and variety. Wake up every morning to an extravagant breakfast market buffet. Enjoy a lavish Yom Tov meal prepared by our master chefs, perfectly paired with a great bottle of wine. Choose from seven specialty eateries. Sample a homemade gelato at our ice cream shop. Savor authentic flavors at our lakeside barbeque, enjoy a cuppa joe at our artisanal coffee shop, and head to the pizza parlor for a fresh-from-the-oven pie. Satisfy your sushi craving at our authentic sushi bar, serving up fresh sushi and sashimi. And get everything you need for Chol HaMoed trips or midday munchies at our fully stocked 24/7 mini market and all-new Kids Grab ‘n Go section, including snacks, drinks, packaged salads and sandwiches.

David Braylovsky

Food & Beverage Director

A behind-the-scenes pro, David has over two decades of experience managing and ensuring that all operations run like clockwork. He’ll be overseeing all culinary back-of-the-house logistics, including the meat and dairy kitchens, Yom Tov Meals, and all specialty food outlets, guaranteeing a smooth guest experience from start to finish.

expertly crafted: our 2023 Menu

The Culinary Arts: Reaching Higher

Setting New Standards and Redefining Pesach Cuisine

After 24 years of exceptional culinary adventures, as we’ve continuously expanded and reached new heights, we are taking our menu planning and white glove service to a whole new level. For 2023, our caterers and specialty eateries will be overseen by our own expertly-selected crew of managers, ensuring that every aspect of our culinary world meets our superior Gateways standards. From plated Yom Tov meals and Kiddushim created by the renowned Weiss Brothers to our Market Lounge and specialty eateries, our top-notch team will guarantee that every guest receives the royal treatment, at all times. Our Food Ambassador Concierge will oversee special requests, private rooms and anything that will make your stay with us truly special.
  • Private or semi-private sedarim available
  • Fine wines, selected by our sommelier, served at every meal and seuda
  • Elegant heimishe Kiddushim
  • Health-conscious options available at every meal, including vegan, vegetarian, sugar-free and low-sodium choices.

Specialty eateries


Tour Japan

Savor a wide variety of sushi rolls, sashimi and poke bowls, handmade by our master chefs. Available in our Market Lounge and the Tour Japan refrigerator in the lobby.


Get a made-to-order personal pie including spicy, funghi mushroom, blanca and garlic—or create your own.


Get everything you need round the clock, including fresh fruit and vegetables, a wide array of packaged salads and snacks, including chips, candy, nuts, hand-crafted chocolate, dried fruit, pretzels, health bars and trail mix, plus chilled, canned and bottled drinks. New 2023: Kids Grab ‘n Go section, including chicken nuggets, squeezable yogurts, apple sauce and a range of kid-friendly packaged items.


Stop in for breakfast, lunch or brunch in our reimagined urban market lounge, where you can satisfy every craving: an extravagant 30-station buffet includes Belgian waffles, custom pancakes and omelets, fine fish and delicious cheeses, fresh juice, fresh baked pastries, lattes, cappuccinos and plenty of options for fruit and veggie lovers. Relax, sip a coffee and shmooze with family, and enjoy entertainment, including roaming face painters and caricature artists.


Our lakeside eatery, helmed by a barbecue pitmaster, serves up fresh beef burgers, hot dogs, steak, chicken and smoked brisket, accompanied by deli-style sides like coleslaw and pickles. Get a drink at the pool bar, which features alcoholic mixed drinks, spiked smoothies and infused beverages, as well as canned and bottled drinks.


Open 24 hours, our gourmet coffee shop serves coffee, lattes and frappes made with beans ground exclusively for gateways, plus bubble tea in a variety of flavors, stone fruit, biscotti, cookies and fresh-from-the-oven muffins.


Choose from 30 flavors of artisanal Italian gelato, a creamy, delicious treat made specially for Gateways 2023, and sip a slushie from our exclusive slush wall.


A special night out for the over-21 crowd, featuring handcrafted cocktails and chef-made small plates including ribs, seared duck, and lamb chops, accompanied by a soulful kumzitz.


We bring our guests the highest level of kashrus: strict Chassidishe schechita, exclusive Shmurah matzah, Cholov Yisroel and non-gebrokts, supervised by Rabbi Sholem Fishbane of the cRc. Every food purchase is approved by the cRc, and no expense or effort is spared in this comprehensive, four-month process leading up to Pesach: We fly in 29 mashgichim, including four head mashgichim with their families, to oversee our 24-hour operational kitchen — milchigs, fleishigs and produce, plus our seven specialty eatery kitchens. Several full-time bug checkers work through the night checking lettuce, strawberries, blueberries and fresh herbs.

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