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Guest Speakers

Our hand-picked educators from around the world create meaningful shiurim and workshops specifically for our diverse Gateways audience. They are there for you, to ask questions and form connection

HaRav Nissan Kaplan

Known for his powerful shiurim that change lives and perspectives, Rabbi Kaplan is Rosh Hayeshiva of Daas Aharon in Ramot, and Rav of his kehilla in Givat Hamivtar in Yerushalayim. He is the author of “Shalmei Nissan” and “Birkas Chasanim” and former longtime Maggid Shiur in the Mir Yerushalayim.

The Rosh Hayeshiva will be joining us for the entire Yom Tov. He will be giving Shiurim in Halacha and Hagada and will be available for private consultation.

Mrs. Charlene Aminoff

Charlene Aminoff is a dynamic speaker who travels the world captivating audiences with the story of the miraculous survival of her daughter Gali’s drowning, which led to her becoming frum. She is a proud Hatzolah wife, mommy of 5 miracles, founder of Gali’s Couture Wigs, modest-fashion clothing designer, and teen mentor. Her Nishmat Movement has recruited over 16,000 women globally into her “Nishmat Army.” These women recite Nishmat Kol Chai daily, which has inspired the new Nishmas book by Artscroll. Charlene uses her large, powerful, and influential social media platform to spread emunah and help bring others closer to HaShem.

Rabbi Chanan (Antony) Gordon

One of the most sought-after speakers in the Jewish world today, Rabbi Gordon is always inspiring. His life experiences are unique — from his days as a stand-up comic in Johannesburg, South Africa, to organizing a major music concert while a student at Harvard Law School to becoming a business manager and life coach for some of the most prominent athletes and celebrities in the world. Nobody will leave their seat without some nuggets of wisdom for life.

Charlie Harary, Esq.

The CEO of H3 Capital LLC, a private equity company based in New York, Mr. Harary is a prolific speaker who has traveled throughout the world speaking on a variety of topics. He has created dozens of videos that have received worldwide attention and reached hundreds of thousands of people in over 15 countries. Mr. Harary is also an Associate Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship at the Syms School of Business in Yeshiva University and a Senior Lecturer for the Orthodox Union, Aish Hatorah and NCSY. He received his J.D. from Columbia Law School where he was awarded the James Kent Scholar and the Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar.

Mrs. Slovie Jungreis-Wolff

Noted teacher, author, and relationships and parenting lecturer, Mrs. Jungreis-Wolff is the leader of Hineni Couples and daughter of Rebbetzen Esther Jungreis A’H. She is the author of the parenting handbook, “Raising A Child With Soul.” She gives weekly classes and has lectured throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Panama, and South Africa.

Rabbi Mordechai Suchard

Rabbi Mordechai Suchard

Founder and Director of Gateways

Rabbi Suchard is the son of a Rav and Dayan on the prestigious Johannesburg Beis Din. He studied in Telshe, Cleveland and Ponevizh, Israel, and received semichah from the Chief Rabbi and Av Beth Din of Jerusalem, Rabbi Kulitz. For the past 22 years, Rabbi Suchard has devoted his time to building Gateways into a premier education powerhouse that engages collegiates, young adults, families, singles and Russian immigrants in the United States and abroad to nurture and sustain Jewish identity, strengthen their connection to Israel, and make informed decisions about their Jewish future.

Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz

A South African born physician, author and lecturer, Rabbi Tatz spent a number of years concurrently practicing medicine and engaging in Talmudic study in Israel. His books on Jewish thought and philosophy include: “Anatomy of a Search,” “Living Inspired,” “Worldmask,” “The Thinking Jewish Teenager’s Guide to Life,” “Letters to a Buddhist Jew” and “Will, Freedom & Destiny.” Rabbi Dr. Tatz’s Jerusalem Medical Ethics Forum teaches and promotes knowledge of Jewish medical ethics internationally, and he has recently written a textbook in this field. He currently teaches at the Jewish Learning Exchange in London and internationally.

Past speakers include:

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